1st of the Month- Time to Check In

Updated: May 11, 2020

Volume 1 | Issue 1

Sunday, May 3, 2020


As we have all gone through this pandemic together, I think it’s important for us all to stay connected. On the first Sunday of each month, I will begin catch up with my connections, friends, and family with an update on three areas of my life. As each state begins to slowly open up business, I wish you continued success.

1. My eBook, A 1:1 Survival Guide: How to Transform Your Mindset When the Norm is Changed, is officially on Amazon. I created this book because working in a remote capacity has been my norm for six years. I wanted to add value and help others who may not be accustomed to being confined to their home. Reading this book will help you reach optimal productivity and efficiency while also improving your health during times where you are stuck at your house. This eBook will be an incredibly valuable resource for whenever you want to be productive at home.

2. As we have been dealing with the COVID-19 Global Pandemic, I wanted to find ways to give back. I started by creating a GoFundMe page to buy food for the Tampa General Hospital (TGH) staff. I chose to buy from Fresh Kitchen on South Howard Ave. in Tampa to feed the amazing staff at TGH.

My next initiative was interviewing four business owners in Tampa on The Collaboration Corner to discuss different ways the virus has been affecting their businesses. Thanks for joining me, Phil Michaels, Supna Doshi, Antonio Lombardo, and Meridith Alexander. I would love to interview your city. Email me to get started.

I also had a lot of fun hosting a collaboration of voice memos from people around the country to share their stories to help bring us all together. Thank you to everyone who joined me on this effort. These initiatives are posted on YouTube and are available through

3. Interview #50! I had the opportunity to interview my 50th guest on What It’s Really Like to be an Entrepreneur” and that guest was one of the biggest names in podcasting. Chris Krimitsos, Founder and CEO of Podfest Multimedia Expo, was my guest and added a ton of value to everyone listening on. Thanks you all for listening and your support through 2 seasons. Season 3 will air Wednesday mornings and began on Wednesday the 22nd with a successful entrepreneur streaming from Haiti!

The Season 1 Finale of A Mental Health Break with Vincent A. Lanci airs on Tuesday, May 5 with Dr. Clarence Lee Jr. on all platforms.

If you are interested in joining the show or have someone in mind who would be a great fit, I’d love to chat. Email me and we will set up a time to talk. Have a great month!

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