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Would it benefit you to hear from Mental Health Professionals and Influencers? Would it add value to your life to also hear mental health advocates share their authentic stories and talk about their mental health, the issues they face, and how the actively combat them?


If you answered yes to any of those questions, you came to the right place! Congratulations for making your mental health a priority. 

After Lanci came out of a coma from suffering from a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), he realized it was time to put his Mental Health on a high pedestal in his life.  This podcast is all things mental health!

Season 1

1) Dr. Denise McDermott

2) Michael Belliveau

  • TBI and Brain Cancer Survivor

​3) Dr. Anita Sanz​

4) Christopher Williams

  • TBI Survivor


5) Dr. Richard Boccio

  • Emergency Medicine Resident Physician at Kendall Regional Medical Center

6) Uchenna "Dr. Lulu" Umeh

7) Jon Infeld

  • TBI Survivor

8) Elena Bensonoff

9) Tony Alexander, MSHRM- SHRM-SCP

  • Mental Health, Diversity, and Inclusion Advocate

10) Meridith Alexander

11) Peter Helms

  • Founder of "Yu Recover"

12) Linda Murphy, MeD, MA

13) Supna Doshi

  • Mental Health Advocate

14) Dr. Diego Hernandez

15) Corona Virus Stories and Testimonials- Day 1

  • Dr. Denise McDermott (Manhattan Beach, California), Adult and Child Psychologist

  • Sam Hager (Jersey City, New Jersey), 
    Global Supply Chain Manager in the liquor industry

  • Debbie Lundberg (Tampa, Florida),
    Founder and CEO of Presenting Powerfully

  • Glen Metropolit (Tampa, Florida), NHL Alumni

  • Mike Gorman (Long Island, New York),
    Founder and CEO of The Brothers Gorman


16) Corona Virus Stories and Testimonials- Day 2 

  • Jon Infeld (Paterson, New Jersey), Health and Physical Education Teacher at Paterson Arts and Science Charter School

  • AJ Favicchio (Los Angeles, California),

  • Michelle Angelique Poitier (Jacksonville, Florida), 
    Navy Veteran, Founder and CEO at Healing Women Healing Nations of NE Florida Inc.

  • Antonio Lombardo (Tampa, Florida), Co-Founder and CEO of Lombardo Team Real Estate

  • Meridith Alexander (St. Petersburg, Florida), CEO of GRIT Mindset Academy and Agency for Creative Talents

17) Corona Virus Stories and Testimonials- Day 3 

  • Tony Alexander (St. Louis, Missouri), People Leader at SGI Services

  • Carol Marino (Tampa, Florida), Executive Assistant at Tampa International Airport

  • Matt McNair (Orlando, Florida), Videographer/ Photographer

  • Supna Doshi, Co-Founder of We Go Kids and Alinea Productions

18) Corona Virus Stories and Testimonials- Day 4

  • Gab Cuchel (Lynbrook, NY), Pregnant at 33 Weeks, Assistant Studio Manager at Soul Cycle

  • Robert Swigart (Temecula, California), Retired NAVY and CEO and Founder at Nautical Coaching

  • Tonya McCollin Cajuste (West Palm Beach, Florida), Freelancer writer in Non-Profit Space

  • Brittany Lynn (Long Beach, NY), CEO and Founder of Bizzy B Crafts

19) Corona Virus Stories and Testimonials- Day 5

  • Alisa Lieberman (Long Island, New York), 
    Life Support Specialist at Northwell Health Hospital Systems

  • Daniel Trant (Denver, Colorado),
    Computer Software

  • Dr. Uchenna Umeh, MBA, FAAP (Helotes, Texas), Pediatrician, Keynote Speaker

  • Andrew Lipof (Boston, Massachusets),
    CEO and Founder of GetGas Boston

20) Sarah Howroyd, MSW, LCSW​

21) James Lawless

  • Licensed Mental Health Counselor

22) Dr. Stacia Alexander, LPC-S

23) Dr. Carlos Garcia

24) Michelle Poitier

  • US NAVY, Life-Recovery Coach

25) Dr. Clarence Lee Jr.

Season 2

26) Corey Hirsch

  • Olympic Medalist, Former NHL Goaltender

27) Courtney C. Mick

  • Licensed Therapist

28) Corona Virus Stories and Testimonials- Day 6​

  • Clayton Clemens (State of Florida), Office of District 60 State Representative Jackie Toledo
    Coach at Cross Fit Hyde Park, FL

  • Stacia Henderson Alexander (Dallas, TX), Doctor, Speaker, Coach

  • Jimmy Lawless (Providence, RI), Licensed Mental Health Counselor at Lawless Counseling

  • Kaywanda Lamb (Dallas, TX),"The Winning Single Mom", Author, Coach)

29) Dr. Brian Doane

30) Jacent Wamala, LMFT

31) Marla Godette

  • CEO and Founder of Mentoring Moments, LLC.

32) Evan Pulliam

  • Mental Health Advocate

33) Ayelet Shipley

  • Founder of the "Anxiety Hacker Toolbox Workbook"

34) Doron Lazarus

  • CEO and Founder of Lazarus Insomnia Consulting

35) Dr. Sharice Bradford

  • Trauma Recovery Expert

36) Dr. David Demmer

  • Clinical Psychologist, CEO and Founder of "Psych School", and Co-Founder of "Macquarie Street" Psychology, David Demmer. 

37) Renée Burwell, LCSW, MPA, AASECT Certified Sex Therapist

  • (Nashville, Tennessee)

38) Charles Hamilton & Courtney Macroberts "C&C"

  • Mental Health Advocates share their  personal, professional, and relationship perspective on mental health.

  • (Nova Scotia)

39) Tyrone Daye

  • Mental Health Advocate shares how his story on how he traded in his trauma for a life he wants to live.

  • (Newark, New Jersey)

40) Bailey Smith

  • Mental Health Advocate shares her story as a Domestic Abuse Su=rvivor.

  • (Deerfield Beach, Florida)

41) Johnny Crowder

  • CEO and Founder of CopeNotes, TEDx Speaker, Suicide & Abuse Survivor

  • (Tampa, Florida)

42) Tracey Maxfield

  • Retired Nurse, Author of "Escaping the Rabbit Hole"

  • (Canada)

43) Lucy Bale

  • Season 2 Finale

  • Mental Health Advocate shares her journey of battling her 5th-year Anxiety Disorder. She is the host of the blog "Abs and Anxiety"

  • (London, United Kingdom)

43) Stef Wootton

  • Season 3 Premiere

  • She is Owner of AMPM Therapy. Wootton shares both her personal and professional experiences

  • (Birmingham, England)

44) Tommy Dahlborg

  • Tommy delivers value from an academic, personal, and professional perspective. Dahlborg is the host of the podcast, "Strength Thru Vulnerability"

  • (Portland, Maine)


Vincent A. Lanci asks his guests:

  • ▪️How COVID affected Mental Health

  • ▪️Most difficult part of COVID

  • ▪️Ways they cope with COVID

  • ▪️Positives from COVID

  • ▪️How work was affected 

  • ▪️Advice on improving the mental health of the children in your lives after experiencing COVID

45) Mike Belliveau (1st Covid Talks Episode)

  • Brain Cancer Survivor, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Survivor

  • (Tampa, Florida)

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