Lanci had the opportunity to be a guest on these platforms.

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  • Do Your Students & Staff Need a Little Hope Right Now?

    with TEEN TRUTH Founder JC Pohl

    (Click here to watch)

  • Meet Mental Health Advocate, Author, and Entrepreneur Vincent A. Lanci

    The Doctor Denise Show

    (Click here to listen)

  • Mentoring: How You Can Make

    Your Dreams Come True

    with Marco Novo (Based in Portugal)

    (Click here to watch)

  • Goals Don't Have Feelings:

    Corona Virus Conversations

    with Dr. Stacia Alexander

    (Click here to watch)

  • Surviving a Hit & Run Accident feat.

    Vincent A. Lanci

    Strength Thru Vulnerability

    (Click here to Listen)

  • The Business of Life Master Class

    with Debbie Lundberg & Barbara Zant 

    (Click here to listen)

  • "Under the Rock" with Thump Local LLC

    with Derrick Bliss

    (Click here to watch)

  • Positive Impact Life

    Charity "Love Infinity"

    (Click here to watch)

  • Harness the Webb

    with Steve Peck

    (Click here to listen)

  • Left for Dead

    with Michelle Speakz

    (Click here to watch)

  • Mental Health, Entrepreneurship, and Connecting with the Right People with Vincent A. Lanc‪i‬

    "Making Meaning" Podcast with Doug Sands

    (Click here to listen)

  • LunchPool Live Show

    with Alexander Abell

    (Click here to listen)