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Vincent A. Lanci, MBA


Book a 15-minute call with Lanci on his Calendly. He looks forward to connecting with you.

Expectation: We are unsure if Lanci will make it through the night.

Expectation: Lanci may never walk or talk on his own again.

Expectation: Lanci may never be able to finish his degree.

Expectation: Lanci will need a 24/7 aide when he leaves the hospital. 


Lanci learned to battle back because it was either fight or give up. Giving up was never an option.


for booking or collaboration inquiries. 

What It's Really Like to Be an Entrepren
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"I had heard of Vincent’s accident and road to recovery through newspaper articles and testimonials during programs in the Tampa General Hospital Rehabilitation Center. When we decided to have the proceeds from the TGH Foundation Golf Tournament’s Fund go towards purchasing equipment for the Center, Vincent was our first choice to give the patient testimonial. He said yes before we had even finished the ask. He was a true inspiration at the Golf Tournament and helped us raise over $25,000 in a matter of 5-10 minutes. He was genuinely appreciative and demonstrated this by personally shaking the hand and thank each of the donors. This young man has a future ahead of him as an inspirational speaker."

Robin DeLaVergne

Sr. VP of External Affairs, Tampa General Hospital


Mr. Lanci Talks Mental Health outlines essential material to reach an optimal mindset. After author Vincent A. Lanci survived a near-death hit-and-run accident while walking, he realized that it was time to make his mental health a priority. He wants to do the same for you, too.


Lanci has collaborated with six experts in various fields related to mental health to provide you with immense value and tangible steps towards reaching an optimal mindset. This is a mandatory resource if you plan on thriving after the 2020 Global Pandemic. It starts with taking care of your mental health first.

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